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The Dangers of Unexpected Viral Marketing

Posted: December 1st, 2006 | Author: | Filed under: Internet Marketing | Tags: , | No Comments »

Threshers, a large UK high street based supplier of alcohol, are bracing themselves for unexpected waves of customers after discount voucher was spread rapidly round the web. The 40% voucher was intended for trade partners of Threshers only, but the web mob got hold of the offer and told their friends – now the voucher has been downloaded almost a million times.

Threshers have no idea how much this will cost them – but hopefully for their sakes the 40% discount still gave them a slight profit. In the meantime, it’s a great cautionary example to the rest of the world to never expect any good offer released on the web to stay within the intended group – so be prepared for a) the hoardes of people who may take up the offer, and b) the media backlash if you handle it badly. For an example of how bad it can turn, remember that Starbucks got sued for one of their online vouchers being refused. Never good press.

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