"Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." - William Morris

is Useful is the blog of Matt Hobbs, a London based Technical Product Manager with over 15 years of digital product & service delivery experience.

Technology is a wonderful thing. Even after many years delivering digital products across a wide range of verticals, it still amazes me how every day this expanding field creates new and exciting wonders. This fertile arena offers great opportunities for every business, with new ways to interact with your customers seeming to arrive almost daily. With so much to do, who makes sure the best digital services get defined & delivered at the right time for you?

This is where a Technical Product Manager steps in to bridge the gap between the business and technical teams, while maintaining a strong focus on the real needs of your customers – present and future. A passion for creating engaging digital products & services, the ability to form and manage cross-disciplinary teams and a focus on what has to be delivered next to best serve the company goals and budgets – all of these are core product management skills.

Want to talk more? Then email matt [at] isUseful [dot] com to find out how we can best work together to create your company’s bright digital future.

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